Working at Caribbean Ideas We're building a different kind of Caribbean company

building different company

At Caribbean Ideas we’re not ones for slow pace, low imagination, or doing things halfway, and we’ll never apologize for having ridiculously high standards.

Our founders and many of our team have worked or studied in global-class environments and we believe that’s the only standard that is worth holding ourselves to.

We rebel against the notion that the Caribbean can’t produce world-class companies or brands, and in our work we’re laser-focused on helping ourselves and our clients to be great.

at the office

People at Caribbean Ideas are results-focuseddriven to find creative solutions when faced with obstacles, and not afraid to be transparent and to communicate openly, yet always with respect.

Above all we value people who are doers, who want to be accountable for driving results, and can bring a great personality to the table that’s a fit with CI and that ultimately makes us better.

We value people who match with our culture and passion as much as we value capability. Every person adds to our unique mix and what we’re trying to do, and we can’t lie, we’re pretty choosy about who joins our team.  Fit matters.

The people who work at Caribbean Ideas have options. They can find work in lots of places, yet we choose to be at CI because we hate working in traditional work environments that are just a job and where people go through the motions.

We’re passionate, ambitious and we want to be great. Purple cow, green goldfish, the people who work at Caribbean Ideas are passionate about creating a different kind of company.


Think you have what it takes? Learn more about our values below or click here to see if we have current opportunities available. Or feel free to send us an application to saying clearly what type of role you’re interested in, what you’d bring to the table and why you’d be great at CI.

Our Values

The values that matter to us most are summarized by the acronym I.D.E.A.S


I – Innovating at all times

D- Driven to deliver results

E – Energized by our fun, yet demanding environment

A- Atypical: We embrace being different

S – Synergy via a team-focused environment

Hear from the team

Hear from some of our team about the work they do and what stands out to them about Caribbean Ideas Life

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