Life at Caribbean Ideas

Much like the people who choose to work here, life at Caribbean Ideas is a world of delicious contradiction..

We thrive on the  pace and the pressure, but have fun with the best of them.
We hold each other to very high standards, in a unique family-style environment.
We combine Caribbean roots  with global-level experience & outlook.
We’re proud of who we are and what we’ve done, yet humble and self-critical.
We’re passionate about results & solutions, achieved the right way.

We always push the envelope

CI is the type of company that with just 6 people and no prior experience and no funding, creates conferences to help marketers understand how they can use digital to drive results. (Caribbean Digital Expo 2011, 2013, Mobiworld Caribbean 2012, Marketing Innovation Experience 2014)

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We’re the type of company that will continually add to our collective knowledge of digital best practices to ensure we help regional organizations use global best practices.

We’re the type of company where team members embrace change, and constantly expand their skills, and love doing it.

CI is not a place where complacency and being ordinary is accepted and we can’t imagine being any other way.

The Only Standard is Global

We believe in being global-class in everything that we do

We believe that we can be a catalyst of a new wave of Caribbean organizations that are globally-competitive, tech-savvy, and truly customer-centric.

To achieve that, the only standard that we can hold ourselves to is global, and as a result, Caribbean Ideas attracts a particular personality.

Someone who has worked and studied globally and can’t imagine working at a slower pace. Or a Caribbean national who may not have had that experience, but also believes that they can “run with the wolves’ at a global-class level.

We attract a uniquely ambitious, hard-working type of Caribbean person, who doesn’t fit in traditional boxes or traditional Caribbean organizations.

Life at Caribbean Ideas isn’t for the faint of heart, so thriving here requires a special DNA.  Ambition, enterprise, agility, loyalty, diligence, humility, sense of humour.

Check out a video below of some of the fun times in CI’s history, or if you’re interested in working at Caribbean Ideas then Click here to learn more