The Sales and Marketing Metrics You Need in 2016

Sales and Marketing Metrics Matter

It’s often a pretty daunting task trying to scour the internet trying to find the right answers to our questions, the best templates, the most reliable sources and relevant data. It helps when you’ve got a great resource that can compile these for you, toss in some great graphics and categorise your much-needed resources into handy, easy to reference sections! That’s exactly what we’ve done for you – check out our curated list of the best tips, tools and templates to get you to your sales and marketing goals.

Setting KPIs

We’re getting this check box ticked but are we doing it right?

key performance indicator (kpi) concept

Unfamiliar with the term KPI (Key Performance Indicator)? SearchCRM does a good job of explaining it. According to SearchCRM, KPI is a business metric used to evaluate factors that are crucial to the success of an organization. KPIs differ per organization; business KPIs may be net revenue or a customer loyalty metric.

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Sales and Marketing Data

Sales and marketing data that matters to high performing businesses

Let’s get a bit more specific on the types of metrics we know matter most – the ones that track sales and marketing activities. If Caribbean businesses are serious about success, they need to look at the numbers that really matter and the story that they tell about our performance.

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  2. Metrics you should track
  3. Sales Performance metrics that matter
  4. Sales and Marketing Report Template (CI)



Social Media

Social media has become a customer engagement force to be reconned with, a lead generation tool and a great way to promote your business with paid advertising. These opportunities have moved us way beyond the stage where page likes and follower count are all that matter. Here’s what you should really be tracking across your social media channels:

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Website analytics and SEO

So you’ve got a website – congratulations! Do you know how many visitors you’re attracting to your website, where they’re coming from and the content that’s keeping them there? Understanding how your website is performing can help you to optimize its functionality and content layout to keep visitors interested. Find out what you need to be tracking when it comes to your website and SEO:

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Trying to sift through all the data that’s pooling from your online and offline sources can be intimidating. Figuring out what story about your brand’s performance you want to tell is the start, it’s then much easier to identify the metrics that help you to tell that story. We suggest you check out a few tools that can help you to collect, measure and report the data before selecting one that’s best suited to your needs.