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Advice for SMEs – Survival of the Smartest

Caribbean SME at work

Advice and mentorship come in handy when you’re an ambitious SME and trying to win your world. Of course, not everything out there is going to resonate with you or be applicable to your particular business scenario. There are some common scenarios, that many SMEs around the world struggle with. We’ve chatted with a few small and medium sized business owners from across the Caribbean and they’ve shared some of their business challenges with us. We were not surprised to find commonalities among some of the problems they faced. Among the challenges identified, prioritisation, email management, and marketing on a budget stood out as three of the most common issues faced by small business owners and entrepreneurs. Here are some quick recommendations on how you can address these challenges.

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How digital solutions can unlock business value

Digital solutions are here to stay.


It’s not the 90s and the internet is not the new kid on the block. We’ve far progressed from the age of digital astonishment since mankind delivered GPS devices, smartphones, and digital music into our lives. Let’s face it, the question around adopting digital solutions for our business lies not in the innate fear of trying something new, but in the fear of successful implementation. 

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Get Mobile or Get Lost!

Android Phone Activations

Trend spotting is a crazy kind of thing, sometimes when you think you should be looking forward, you end up casting your gaze way back. Our soon to be released #DigitalManifesto 2015 outlines the digital marketing trends that are most likely to influence business and marketing strategies in the Caribbean within the coming year. The process was interesting, however it often seemed to swivel right back to some key marketing principles, like this one – go where your audience is.

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