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How digital solutions can unlock business value

Digital solutions are here to stay.


It’s not the 90s and the internet is not the new kid on the block. We’ve far progressed from the age of digital astonishment since mankind delivered GPS devices, smartphones, and digital music into our lives. Let’s face it, the question around adopting digital solutions for our business lies not in the innate fear of trying something new, but in the fear of successful implementation. 

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The Customer Evolution

Your Customers are evolving

In the old days, marketers would brief ad agencies on their latest product innovation. Ad agency execs in turn would then churn the creative mills they managed to create campaigns that would wow their customers by showcasing the bigger, brighter product packaging, the extra crunchiness or the ability of a regular dry vacuum to suck up your child’s latest juice spill!

This story line played out for some time, and managed to work well, building the Coca Cola Empire globally, crowning retail kings here and there and making Nike a household name.

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So what exactly is inbound marketing?

In one of my recent posts, I shared the benefits of evolving to attraction-based marketing, which seeks to deliver value that attracts target prospects to you, vs. disruption marketing which interrupts people with messages that may not be relevant.

One of the essential strategies in a philosophy focused on attraction is Inbound Marketing, yet it’s not a term that most Caribbean marketers are very familiar with.

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