Objectives & Goals

The client’s focus was on establishing a Brand in the Carnival space especially in the Young & Upwardly Mobile Adult segment of the market while leveraging technology to differentiate itself from other bands and deliver a WOW Customer Digital Experience. It was imperative that the solution that was developed for YUMA fully integrated with the Business side for tracking and decision making.

Approach & Execution

In addition to the branded YUMA page, we took digital engagement to another level by adding customised applications. In 2012, playing on the theme “Press Play” and we created an interactive display for visitors to browse and view all of the costumes. With a gaming console interface fans could interact with the content like a game and also sign up for more information and get alerts. In 2013, we recreated the Big Top in a custom app for the presentation “Cirque”.

Caribbean Ideas also created a special purpose augmented reality app called the “Virtual Wine” for the 2012 YUMA band launch. Patrons were able to see themselves on large screens at the venue and could ‘wine’ or interact with the models wearing the costumes.

Even YUMA’s registration got an upgrade – in 2012 we implemented a fully integrated registration and distribution system for Yuma, which included:

  • Masquerader & Section management
  • Integrated registration and distribution system
  • Integrating online registrants
  • A cashing module to tie payments with registrants and generate till reports
  • Production module to manage inventory in stock for all sections
  • Barcode scanning Solution at entrance for fast track (fully paid) members


YUMA’s Facebook page currently has 22,553 fans and the band is known for innovative and attractive digital presentations of its costumes.

Caribbean Ideas was the 1st company to introduce Augmented Reality via a carnival app. This app allowed people with webcams to see a video clip of the costumes by holding a marker up. We took this one step further when we executed the virtual wine app at the band launch.

Using the digital registration system Yuma was able to improve its registration process and was able to cut its distribution wait time down to an average of 15-20 mins from 2012 onwards.

YUMA is an acronym for Young Upwardly Mobile Adults. Established in 2012, YUMA is the product of a group of experienced entrepreneurs, event producers and designers who have come together to provide the next generation of masqueraders with a premium, all inclusive, interactive Carnival experience that transcends what has become the ‘norm’ in playing mas.


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