Innovation Forum

Innovation Forum

Objectives & Goals

The CCI’s plan around achieving this goal in 2013, was built around a larger international event, Global Entrepreneurship Week.

In our role as a strategic consultant, our team was able to utilize GEW as the platform from which we launched the nation’s first innovation conference – The Innovation Forum 2013: “Harnessing Human Ingenuity”, and school’s innovation roadshow.


Approach & Execution

Innovation Forum 2013 was a pioneering event for the CCI and for many local entrepreneurs. Our team proposed and executed a conference that brought together two significant audiences – the Public Sector and Entrepreneurs.

Caribbean Ideas was responsible for executing several core event components which included speaker and attendee acquisition, vendor management, content creation, digital community management and website design, development and deployment.

In true CI style we corralled several key global entrepreneurs who have been enjoying brand successes, matched them up with local entrepreneurs with their hands in global/regional pots and topped it off with a cadre of powerhouse keynotes.



The Innovation Forum 2013 conference was able to excite entrepreneurs and innovators at heart with dynamic content from a range of local and international speakers who delivered hard hitting advice from the trenches. Our Public Sector workshop provided key insights into challenges faced and offered up a roadmap for delivering solutions.

We wrapped up Global Entrepreneurship Week with our school’s innovation roadshow, which was structured to take the topic of innovation and entrepreneurship to 5th and 6th formers across Trinidad and Tobago.

Eager young adults pumping our presenters with questions and dozens of subscriptions for information have confirmed that we’ve met our roadshow objective – inspire them!

The Council for Competitiveness and Innovation is an advisory body under the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development. Their core focus is around fostering a climate that allows for the development and growth of a strong entrepreneur ecosystem that fuels innovation on a national level.

  • CSS animations
  • Event Management
  • HTML5 implementation
  • Web campaign
  • Web Design

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