Objectives & Goals

The company promised to follow up its pre-existing support of the T&T Olympic Committee through 2016, with an additional $200,000 donation to support future Olympians and Paralympians if the public at large rallied and showed great support for the cause of T&T’s athletes and the country at large.

Always forward-thinking and progressive in its approach, BPTT chose to focus this campaign primarily on the social media space and Twitter primarily, given its rapidly growing usage locally, and because of the digital media’s advantages with respect to direct customer engagement.

Approach & Execution

BPTT’s marketing partners, advertising agency McCann Erickson, and digital partner Caribbean Ideas helped the company to seamlessly combine cause-based marketing and an ability to build brand value by engaging people on topics and content they were interested in, as opposed to traditional advertising or making a “hard-sell”.

The mechanic used was simple yet incredibly effective – by including the hashtag #I4TANDT in one of Twitter’s standard 140 character messages anyone could contribute to the conversation and keep track of the messages of support for our athletes and statements of patriotic pride in our 50th year of independence.

This initiative placed a major emphasis on engaging people around a worthy cause, and relied on ongoing interactive communication while also giving people an opportunity to shape the initiative themselves. Caribbean Ideas manned the #I4TANDT Twitter account, creating the BP Tweety persona who encouraged the ‘Tweet Posse’, as participants were known, to spread word of the movement and recruit others to the cause.


This campaign marked a major milestone in the local marketing space, as it marks the first major wholly local Twitter campaign, and was a great success, smashing the 100,000-tweet goal in less than three weeks, far ahead of the initial 2-month milestone that was set.

Over 8,000 users participated in the movement, many of them sending hundreds or even thousands of individual tweets.

The #I4TANDT Twitter campaign officially started on Friday August 27th, in time for the start of the Olympics, however its origins go back to late March of that year when a pledge was made by BP Trinidad & Tobago, through Danielle Jones, the company's Manager, Corporate Communications.

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