Cold Stone

Cold Stone

Objectives & Goals

Their recognition of the fact that their primary target audience of teenagers and young adults lives in the digital world, particularly social media and mobile, was a driving force behind their ongoing investment in digital.

They wanted a way to really drive customer loyalty and reward their customers on an ongoing basis. Cold Stone globally has had great success with programs designed to provide rewards to loyal customers, and creating an end to end loyalty program called the Cold Stone Birthday Club was a big priority.


Approach & Execution

We needed to make use of a range of skills to make this work. This required not only website development, but also coordination with stores, training and more.

Our team worked closely with the client and client staff, to build a system that could make use of all the permission based data that they had, as well as to make it really easy for people to sign up. After testing and launch, we promoted the club via our various social media and digital channels as well, boosting sign-ups in the process.



The Birthday Club was one of a range of exciting digital activities we worked on with Cold Stone, activities that spanned web, mobile and social media. We love working with progressive clients, and even more than that, we love driving business results and making them look good.

In December of 2011 Cold Stone Trinidad & Tobago won two awards at the International Cold Stone Awards:

Best use of Social Media and Most Successful Promotion for another digital promotion, “Cold Stone Day”. To win these awards, they beat out competition from China, Japan, Brazil, Singapore and more.

Considering that being global class is a key part of our ethos, we love being a part of results like this that put Caribbean marketers ahead of others from all over the world!

Cold Stone Creamery Trinidad & Tobago is a client that inherently grasps that the marketer's number one job is to be where their customers are.

  • CSS animations
  • HTML5 implementation
  • Web Design

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