Caribbean Digital Expo

Caribbean Digital Expo

Objectives & Goals

A few short months later on November 22nd, the inaugural Caribbean Digital Expo (CDX) was held, headlined by Facebook’s Global Head of Agency marketing, along with 25 other global and regional speakers.

This massive (and massively successful) undertaking was executed by a core team of only 6 people. Yes, 6!


Approach & Execution

We put on the 1st major Caribbean conference on how digital technologies can solve marketing & business challenges.

CDX1.0, held in Nov 2011, featured Facebook, Blackberry & over 20 other speakers.

CDX2.0, held in Apr 2013, featured Youtube, Techcrunch & over 18 other speakers.

But we also created a super-focused conference focused on the untapped power of mobile: Mobiworld. A conference dedicated to helping attendees understand the critical evolving opportunities in mobile technology for businesses & developers, with two distinct tracks.

Held in October 2012, it featured a developer workshop to teach coding for mobile & a business track focused on mobile and sales, service & customer engagement.



The Innovation Forum 2013 conference was able to excite entrepreneurs and innovators at heart with dynamic content from a range of local and international speakers who delivered hard hitting advice from the trenches. Our Public Sector workshop provided key insights into challenges faced and offered up a roadmap for delivering solutions.

We wrapped up Global Entrepreneurship Week with our school’s innovation roadshow, which was structured to take the topic of innovation and entrepreneurship to 5th and 6th formers across Trinidad and Tobago.

Eager young adults pumping our presenters with questions and dozens of subscriptions for information have confirmed that we’ve met our roadshow objective – inspire them!

In August of 2011, our co-founder Chike Farrell decided to commit the company to the huge task of creating the Caribbean's first major conference on digital marketing and business issues.

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