Our Values

At Caribbean Ideas we’ve always had a very unique culture, that grew organically.

We set out to create a mix of US Startup and Caribbean professional culture, where bright, hard-working,  Caribbean people could come together, knowing they’d be surrounded by other A-players working toward a shared vision.

Over time as we’ve grown quickly, we’ve realised that it’s even more important to formalize the behaviours and cultural values that must guide everything that we do. These impact the ways that we  we recruit and assess the people and partners that we work with.

Those values, along with examples of what they mean are outlined below, with each of them meant to work together in concert and reinforce each other.

Caribbean Ideas Core Values


Caribbean Ideas empathy and respect value

Caribbean Ideas We deliver what we promise with excellence Value

We always let people know where we stand Value



Caribbean Ideas Positive and Agile Value


Caribbean Ideas Inventive Problem Solvers Value


These are the standards to which we strive.

Sometimes of course we fall short. At Caribbean Ideas, we pick ourselves up and pursue them relentlessly again.

If you’re interested in working with Caribbean Ideas as a client, partner or team member, we hope that these resonate with you and represent a clear fit with the way that you operate, and / or the type of people that you want to work with, because then we’ll get along great!

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